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The initial listing of news on how technology is used by consumers or in popular media culled from a variety of sources we monitor on a regular basis.

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Recommended Reading

  • 3D Digital Cinema
    At the Museum of Science in Boston, MA, visitors can watch movies in 3D with its cutting edge digital projection system.
  • Big Screams
    Developed by Elie Zananiri, a Canadian programmer turned artist, Big Screams is an immersive, interactive game where players scream into their handheld devices in order to create avatars on the wall-to-wall playing field. The player who screams the loudest beats everyone.- holly holly Oct 8, 2012The point being...? - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Oct 9, 2012 who needs a reason to scream into their phone? :-)
  • The Cassette To iPod Converter
    Well, here it is folks. Old-timer Nostalgia transferred to your iPod. All those Beachboys, Peter & Gordon, and John Sebastian stuff back on track again ! - guy.deschenes guy.deschenes Sep 14, 2012 Cool! I want one! - elka.weinstein elka.weinstein Oct 9, 2012 - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012Me too, if I can find all my cassettes in the garage!
  • Coding the future: HTML5 takes the internet by storm
    This article discusses the evolution of HTML code or hypertext mark-up language, and how the versatility and dynamic nature of HTML5 make it an ideal way for websites to progress as fast as the internet changes. - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Oct 9, 2012 : while in a sense HTML5 isn't emerging technology by now, there's a useful hook here in so far as a wide (philosophical, strategic, implementation) move is still very much in process, in some cases, away from single-platform (or multiple, parallel single-platform) mobile apps towards more platform-agnostic, standards-based, web-app delivery methods; and as current speed limitations of the latter approach for certain applications have become clear, this move may continue happening in slow motion for some time. - erin.coburn erin.coburn Oct 14, 2012 - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Oct 9, 2012 HTML5 has certainly changed the Australian Museum's approach to what we are doing with mobile and our responsive website: (am currently writing a piece about our mobile approach and will post link here when complete)
  • Creative Agency Graffitis Museum Masterpieces Using Augmented Reality
    Amsterdam-based agency, Brilliant after Breakfast, graffitied some famous Dutch masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum, but through an augmented reality interface so that there is no harm to the actual works. The hidden messages can only be displayed with an app. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012Very funny, could be combined with public comments for greater interaction.
  • Crowdfunding Civic Infrastructure? The Next Big Thing
    This article highlights the power of crowdfunding, focusing on a new project,, that uses crowdfunding to back improvements in "transportation, sports, entertainment, education and public amenities." - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Oct 9, 2012 Pozible ( is taking off in Australia - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012I like the idea of, focuses on the local, which is becoming more important to orgs.
  • Digital Life - Today and Tomorrow (2010-2015)
    Have a look at this great animation video about digital lifestyle. - guy.deschenes guy.deschenes Sep 14, 2012 - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012
  • Electroboutique: Science Museum Pop Up Blends Technology With Absurdism
    Two Russian artists exhibited a new media inspired collection at London's Science Museum. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012Why can't it be tech manipulation AND provocative think-pieces? And if it looks simple, then they're probably succeeding.
  • Freaks, Geeks and Microsoft: How Kinect Spawned a Commercial Ecosystem This article follows the emergence and evolution of Kinect, explaining how it has spurned new inventions, as a cost-effective tool to add 3-d sensing to other projects and devices. People everywhere are still experimenting with Kinect and sharing code and strategies to allow others to build on their advancements. - nhoneysett nhoneysett Oct 7, 2012 Kinect is an impactful device but this quote from the article is more so:"does techno-thing success now depend on the company’s acquiescing to the crowd’s input?" - lorna.obrien lorna.obrien Oct 8, 2012 - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Yes, important example of Microsoft collaborating with the masses, and calling them tinkerers not hackers.
  • How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything
    Google is working to bridge the gap between what we see in the real world and the online world by making its mapping system more and more complex. The author of this article steps into the office where Google has been building its representation of the world and describes the process.- jessica.heimberg jessica.heimberg Oct 9, 2012 - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Oct 9, 2012 There is a cool Google app that allows you to add the floor plan of your museum by floor for visitors to use. We're playing with this now. Mapping and geo-location are still huge IMV - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Mapping is such a huge trend, bridging the real and online world as the article said, but tension still remains between OSM and Google.
  • How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone
    The iPhone has turned out to be surprisingly revolutionary for the visually-impaired community, with apps to announce street names or nearby points of interest, translate speech to text, and to read downloaded books to the user. Money reader apps can scan and read a bill, telling the user how much it is worth and color apps match and announce colors to help users get dressed. - nhoneysett nhoneysett Oct 7, 2012 - lorna.obrien lorna.obrien Oct 8, 2012 - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Oct 9, 2012 Interesting, and iPads are being used to help autistic children communicate as well. - elka.weinstein elka.weinstein Oct 9, 2012 - erin.coburn erin.coburn Oct 14, 2012
  • How the “Internet of Things” Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms
    If city systems are able to react to information stored in the cloud, a city could be “a virtual nervous system” that immediately responds to environmental conditions like rainstorms.- jessica.heimberg jessica.heimberg Oct 9, 2012
  • How The Ups And Downs Of Today's Mega Cities Will Shape Tomorrow's Urban Boom
    "The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has just opened a new research center in Singapore dedicated to the study the world's biggest cities in order to better prepare for the urban explosion that is expected to take place by 2030." - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012
  • Internet Access Is a Human Right, Says United Nations
    The United Nations’ Human Rights Council unanimously announced that all people should be allowed to connect to and express themselves freely on the Internet as a human right. "China’s support for the resolution came with the stipulation that the free flow of information on the Internet and the safe flow of information on the Internet are mutually dependent." - nhoneysett nhoneysett Oct 7, 2012 - lorna.obrien lorna.obrien Oct 8, 2012 - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Oct 9, 2012- jessica.heimberg jessica.heimberg Oct 9, 2012 - erin.coburn erin.coburn Oct 14, 2012
  • ‘Internet Freedom’ Petition, Short on Specifics, Quickly Gains Signatures An Internet-rights petition, called the Declaration of Internet Freedom, has already gathered more than 20,000 signatures. Supporters include Mozilla and Reporters Without Borders. - nhoneysett nhoneysett Oct 7, 2012
  • Mission Control, Built for Cities
    In Rio de Janeiro, scientists are deploying ground and airborne smart sensors to predict heavy rains and mudslides up to 48 hours in advance.- holly holly Oct 8, 2012An interesting take on "Big Brother" technologies for the social determinists among us. This is great technology but it isn't a neutral technology and the significance of the gains for society of results based on the spectacular real-time streaming video cameras are balanced by what we have lost in terms of personal privacy. I think this is a remarkable project that leaves me slightly queasy. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Yes, but since all this data is being collected anyways, why not use it for the greater good (arguably a debatable term).
  • NYC Is Turning Payphones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots
    In a new pilot program, New York City's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications has introduced "payphones-turned-Wi-Fi hotspots," that are free of charge to use. The City is also asking residents to submit ideas regarding the future of the city’s payphones, as the current provider agreements end in late 2014. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Love this resuse idea, but I foresee long wait lines.
  • Radical Camera Lets You Pick What's Blurry And What's Not
    A new point-and-shoot camera model created by Lytro takes "living pictures." Once the photos are taken they can be refocused or switched back and fourth between 2-D and 3-D because the camera captures more and different information than the traditional camera, creating richer picture files.
  • Read My Cat Ears
    Necomimi, a neuro-fashion technology company, has released brainwave-operated cat ears that perk up when wearers are excited or droop when they are relaxed.- holly holly Oct 8, 2012silly, silly, silly why are we required to read people's accessories instead of their actual body language. While amusing this is an example of technology which seems to take us further from the human experience. - don.undeen don.undeen Oct 11, 2012 the ears are silly, but it makes me wonder if there's possibility of using the technology to gather audience response metrics. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Yes, agreed.
  • Short Film ‘Sight’ Adds New Vision to Augmented Reality
    The new short film, Sight, explores augmented reality, and how it could affect our daily lives and interpersonal interactions, taking its capabilities to an extreme proportion. - nhoneysett nhoneysett Oct 7, 2012
  • Social Media Grows in Importance for Finding News
    This article brings up a report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism that shows how social media is shaping news consumption and competing with search engines as the primary method of finding news. - lorna.obrien lorna.obrien Oct 8, 2012 - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Oct 9, 2012 Absolutely. The future isn't jouranlsim per se, its the economics of attention: (Media in the Digital Age) - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 My concern with P2P news sharing is Who is sharing the news, and WHAT are they sharing? Their restricted news world results from a self-selecting bias. - erin.coburn erin.coburn Oct 14, 2012
  • Super cars and avatars: Seoul’s mind-blowing future technology
    Launched in 2008 by South Korea’s largest telecommunications provider, is a museum of futuristic technology that offers interactive tours and transformed experiences of driving, shopping and domestic life.- holly holly Oct 8, 2012FIELD TRIP! - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Hmmmm, the notion of a ubiquituous museum to showcase technology.
  • Unique Pop Art Apps
    The Andy Warhol Museum launched a do-it-yourself pop app.- holly holly Oct 8, 2012ooh fun! What's not to love about Warhol apps. Now if we could just get the Warhol Foundation to loosen it's death grip on copyright too. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 It's a start.
  • Why Top Execs are Starting to Care About UX Design
    This interview with Jesse JAMES Garrett discusses user experience and why it is an important consideration in design and strategy for businesses and organizations. - mia.ridge mia.ridge Oct 10, 2012 See also service design and design thinking? - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012 Museums can learn from the corporate sector in the need to place experience before technology adoption and the holistic context of that experience.
  • Your Next Mayor - A Computer
    Overview of recent smart city approaches to using data in urban governance, highlights tension betwen top-down and bottom-up approaches - holly holly Oct 8, 2012Kept picturing Max Headroom the whole time I was reading this. - ssbautista ssbautista Oct 14, 2012
  • The Future of Digital Assistants -